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The Dead Sea area was famous in the very ancient times for its very unique properties and their contribution to the improvement of skin diseases.

More than 35 years ago, a "Renaissance" of this medical activity was created again: The I.P.T.C. Derm. Clinic together with Hadassah Univ. Hospital Jerusalem, were the pioneers of the Climo Therapy of Psoriasis at the Dead Sea in the frame of the INT. PORIASIS TREATMENT CENTER.
Till today, the I.P.T.C. Derm. Clinic has treated more than 155.000 patients.

Results obtained after four weeks of treatment:
90% cleared completely or significantly improved.
Average time of Remission - 8.5 months.
Milder recurrence than after previous Hospital treatment (as experienced by the majority of patients).
Considerable improvement in the patients psychological condition.
A maintenance follow-up treatments is at the disposal of the patients after their return home.

About 70% of the patients treated at the I.P.T.C. Derm. Clinic have been sent, and had their treatment paid for, by different Sick Funds, Social Security Institutions, Private Health Insurance Companies and Psoriasis Associations worldwide.